Big oledy not this year

OLED technology, despite several years of market presence, has only recently taken the wind into the sails. Unfortunately, on large TVs with such displays we will wait a few more months.

Although OLED technology was created quite a long time ago, due to technical limitations, it could be used mainly in small devices, since the production of large screen TVs was impossible.

Over the past several months it has changed, but for large OLED screens we will wait a little longer. Although LG and Samsung have yet to launch 55-inch models for $ 8-9k this year, they now say they will not be able to do so.

Both companies explain that the delay is caused by larger than expected difficulties encountered during the production process. Therefore, the receivers shown at this year’s CES will not be in our homes so fast. Samsumg hopes that the promised launch of larger screens will be completed later this year, but more likely they will debut at least mid-2013.