Google wants to wirelessly load autonomic cars

Autonomous vehicles are intended to be completely maintenance-free, not only for vehicle control systems to which passengers will not have access, but also refueling methods. Google is working on a wireless charging system that will allow the vehicle without the owner’s own power to replenish the battery.

Many automotive companies are working on autonomous vehicle technology and although this type of car will be seen on the road in just a few years, so far the biggest achievements in this field are the concern Google. The online giant has been working on such cars for a few years now, still developing and enhancing new features.

The latest idea from Mountain View’s engineers is the idea of ​​wireless charging vehicles. The idea is that such cars are fully maintenance-free and the role of the passenger is limited to entering and leaving the destination. In order to achieve this objective, a method of charging batteries in the case of electric vehicles, which would take place without the owner of the vehicle, should also be developed.

Google, together with Hevo Power specialists and Momentum Dynamics, is working on a wireless charging system that uses magnetic induction technology. Mountain View’s headquarters will be equipped with experimental chargers to test the new solution.