Digital Foundry Tests Suggest Nintendo NX Will Support Wii, GameCube Games

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The first 8K TV in the fall will hit stores

The 4K standard is gaining momentum, but consumer electronics manufacturers are not going to stop it and are already working on receivers that display 8K images. What’s more, the first one will be on sale by the end of October this year.

The drop in prices of 4K televisions, the announcement of more than 50 titles on the Ultra HD Blu-ray and the launch of about 200 channels by 2020, will make more and more buyers of such receivers. But manufacturers do not intend to subdue the standard Ultra HD and are already announcing 8K TVs. What’s more, the first model will appear later this year.

During the January CES show, Sharp was one of several companies that presented 8K displays and will be one of the first to introduce these products to the market. On October 30th announced the launch of the 85-inch model LV-85001, which will cost 133 thousand dollars. This is not a TV, but a monitor designed for professional use.

The product displays an image at 7680 x 4320 pixels and uses IGZO technology. To watch the material in this quality, all four HDMI inputs should be used to connect to the source of the source, since the data transfer level is sufficient.

Airbus is designing a passenger plane that will reach London in one hour from New York

Airbus has filed a patent application for a new type of passenger jet. Concorde’s successor is expected to be significantly faster than his predecessor, and should be quieter. The plane will only provide twenty seats for passengers, and the flight will most probably not be among the cheapest.

Concorde has long been the most famous passenger jet aircraft. A few years ago the French construction went off to a well-deserved retirement. Now, Airbus wants to create his successor and for this purpose has filed a patent application for a new jet.

The information provided in the documents shows that the aircraft would reach speeds of about Mach 4, approximately 4800 km / h. This means that, in favorable conditions, a new jet journey from London to New York would take just one hour. For standard designs such as the Airbus A330 this time is almost 8 times longer. It is worth mentioning that the record achieved by concorde is 3.5 hours, so the difference is huge. In the case of flights from Paris to San Francisco or from Tokyo to Los Angeles, time would be up to three hours.

New missiles will prevent the death of civilians

In an open battlefield, a soldier usually does not have to worry about civilians, but in combat in the city, the situation is quite different, and in such cases, a shotgun can easily hit an innocent person. Military engineers are therefore working on the technology of rifle bullets, equipped with a sort of self-destruct system.

Rocket missiles have long been equipped with self-destructive systems, which can disarm weapons in the event of flight out of the course and risk being hit in an inhabited area. Perhaps soon a similar system will also be equipped with handguns, specifically assault rifles.

The American army has introduced a patent created by ARDEC specialists for short-range rifles, equipped with a self-destruct system.

In the patent specification we can read that the missile will have a pyrotechnic material that serves to ignite the reactive material. If the missile reaches the maximum desired range needed to hit the target, then the reactive material will convert it into an aerodynamically unstable object.

NASA will finance the study of the solar system

The US space agency has signed a contract with four teams of scientists to investigate our solar system. Research scheduled for the next five years will be funded entirely by NASA.

While NASA employs many of its own researchers, it also often benefits from the help of universities and nonprofits that help agencies in a variety of projects. At one time, even a special Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) was created specifically for this purpose, designed for independent scientists who are engaged in the study of our solar system.

Now four new teams of scientists have been invited to work on different projects and will study Mars’ Phobos and Deimos, as well as the moon and asteroid belt, and will be involved in a number of other space exploration projects.

The first team is a University of Colorado scientist who has been involved in robotics, cosmology, astrophysics and helio-physiology with the intention of deepening on manned space exploration. Another team was assigned to the TREX (Survey and Exploration Tools) project, and his task will be to develop tools and methods for the exploration of extraterrestrial celestial bodies covered by dust such as asteroids and moons.

A third team from the Institute of Technology in Georgia will study the impact of radiation on man-made composites. Also check that modern detectors can minimize the risk of human exposure to harmful radiation. The last team will be working on the ESPRESSO (Exploration Science Pathfinder Research for Enhancing Solar System Observations) project and will help NASA better understand dangerous events that could be a threat to astronauts and space exploration robots.