4 billion people still do not have access to the network

Probably will find people who complain that their 20 Mbit Internet connection is slow to download files. But they should be happy to have the privilege of using fast connections, as most of our population still does not have access to the network. The latest report shows that this year it will still be 4.2 billion people, and is 57 percent of humanity.

The Internet links in our homes are growing faster and faster, but there are still many people on the planet who can not benefit from this modern technology. The latest report from the United Nations Commission on Communications reveals that this year there will still be 57 per cent of the population, or around 4.2 billion people, permanently deprived of access to the network.

Access to the network depends mainly on the economic position, so as many as 80 percent of the population of fully developed countries can boast of a permanent Internet connection. Meanwhile, in developing countries, this percentage is only 6.7 percent.

Although the initiatives carried out by companies such as Google and Facebook can slightly improve the situation. The United Nations, however, believes that the real solution to the problem calls for more comprehensive action, above all to help the governments of these states, which should implement projects that reduce the number of digitally excluded citizens.