Fans should take a pause?

In keeping with the fact that in the appearance of the upcoming iPhone 7 will not change much, the ever-gloomy news for Apple fans, David Carnoy suggests temperance, predicting that the return of true “magic Apple” will take place next year.

Starting with the first iPhone, each successive generation of smartphones from Apple has a unique look that allows one to recognize a trendy gadget. The above statement has ceased to be true not only for the improved “S” models, but even generations 5 and 6 from appearance, outside of the size are practically indistinguishable.

The next rumors about the latest Apple smartphone – probably the iPhone 7, although the company has often surprised us with an unexpected change of naming – bring quite a reliable picture of the device in the identical iPhone 6 and 6S housing. New features in this year’s edition are: dual rear camera lens, larger size “Plus” model and slightly more powerful components.

Completely redesigned model should be expected only next year, and leaks related to jubilee version say the display “edge to edge”, remove the physical “Home” button and miniJack socket.

As the experts point out, Apple’s problem, which is the first sign of a decline in device sales, is that current generations of smartphones seem to fully meet consumer expectations and are increasingly difficult to persuade them to switch to a newer model. It would have to be something really innovative.

In response to such an analysis, in an interview given to CNBC, Tim Cook said directly: “We will give you things without which you can not live, although today you do not realize it yet.” It’s a clear sign that Cook intends to continue Steve Jobs’s path with his celebrity: “People do not know what they want until you show them.”

Of course, it is only declarations, because although Tim Cook has come to know as a great businessman, and Apple for his time has reached a peak of value, the consequence of hacking hard earned money is the “magic”, which finally reached the top of the company.

Meanwhile, it is difficult to find novelties in the latest models, without which “we could not live”. In the new models we should not expect the SD card (consistent policy), larger battery (iPhone will remain as thin as possible).

We could count on wireless charging and waterproofing right now, but that’s more of a curiosity than a necessity.

The new generation of OLED display Samsung, which will allow the screen from edge to edge, is expected to come to the iPhone only in 2017. Likewise, the case will be with the camera – this year’s version will surely be improved again, but it is unlikely Apple will catch up this year and catch up with the market already in the market.

It looks like Apple fans should not expect significant innovation until next year. Equity or lack of it, we will see in September, when we will know the final appearance of this year’s flagship Apple.