X F1 controlled by the mind

Formula 1 cars are fairly safe, but an open cockpit makes the driver’s head stick out of the way when hit with parts of broken vehicles, which in the past have happened several times in the past. McLaren engineers have developed a concept model with a closed cockpit.

The McLaren MP4-X F1 is the concept of a Formula 1 futuristic car that may be seen in a few years’ time. The vehicle is definitely different from the currently used cars because it has a closed cockpit. The special cover was designed to protect the driver’s head from impacting elements that could fall off the vehicle during an accident. In addition, it improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

It’s not the only changes that have been made to it. It was also equipped with a special suspension, which in the event of a collision would return to its original shape, so the accident would not mean the end of the race and the driver could continue with it. Moreover, there are special sensors which, after collisions, will allow you to assess the overall condition of the vehicle, providing information on possible damage.

The cockpit is also equipped with enhanced reality technology and HUD displaying the most needed information, similar to those used by fighter pilots. The most interesting is the control system of the car, because there is no standard steering wheel. This was replaced by a special system that allows the car to run with the mind.