In an open battlefield, a soldier usually does not have to worry about civilians, but in combat in the city, the situation is quite different, and in such cases, a shotgun can easily hit an innocent person. Military engineers are therefore working on the technology of rifle bullets, equipped with a sort of self-destruct system.

Rocket missiles have long been equipped with self-destructive systems, which can disarm weapons in the event of flight out of the course and risk being hit in an inhabited area. Perhaps soon a similar system will also be equipped with handguns, specifically assault rifles.

The American army has introduced a patent created by ARDEC specialists for short-range rifles, equipped with a self-destruct system.

In the patent specification we can read that the missile will have a pyrotechnic material that serves to ignite the reactive material. If the missile reaches the maximum desired range needed to hit the target, then the reactive material will convert it into an aerodynamically unstable object.

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