The US Navy showed a video showing the latest autonomous SWAT units built in the action. Small boats can operate in a completely self-contained mode, protecting large ships against attack by other units. And thanks to the on-board weapons, they do it extremely well.

In a few years, the American military will have not only unmanned flying units that attack air targets, but also autonomous floating units that will be able to attack surface targets immediately. These types of machines are designed under the SWARM program and as shown below, they can work very well. Moreover, they have armaments, so they can also target their targets.

Their operation is possible thanks to the CARACaS (Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing) system, which allows them to operate independently and in constant contact with other drones, exchanging their own routes and data from radars. Thanks to that they not only do not fall for themselves, but they can also coordinate their actions.

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