Airbus has filed a patent application for a new type of passenger jet. Concorde’s successor is expected to be significantly faster than his predecessor, and should be quieter. The plane will only provide twenty seats for passengers, and the flight will most probably not be among the cheapest.

Concorde has long been the most famous passenger jet aircraft. A few years ago the French construction went off to a well-deserved retirement. Now, Airbus wants to create his successor and for this purpose has filed a patent application for a new jet.

The information provided in the documents shows that the aircraft would reach speeds of about Mach 4, approximately 4800 km / h. This means that, in favorable conditions, a new jet journey from London to New York would take just one hour. For standard designs such as the Airbus A330 this time is almost 8 times longer. It is worth mentioning that the record achieved by concorde is 3.5 hours, so the difference is huge. In the case of flights from Paris to San Francisco or from Tokyo to Los Angeles, time would be up to three hours.

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